Support Your Library

There are many ways to support your library.  

  • Donate

    1. Your time, your skills, books, DVDs, audio books...and money! All items can be dropped off at the library during open hours.  Send cash or check to Rock Springs Public Library, PO Box 246, Rock Springs, WI, 53961
    2. Keep your eyes and ears open for future fundraisers!  We are always looking for new ideas so feel free to share your success stories or ideas with us.  Email us at director [at] (director[at]rockspringslibrary[dot]com)
    3. Support our Capital Campaign & help us with our new Library - details here
    4. Donate to the Rock Springs Library through the South Central Library Foundation. More details here
  • Join the library board

    •  Have a voice and help create a library you can be proud of.  We are looking to add new members.  No experience necessary.  Come to the next meeting or stop by the library if you are interested.
  • Volunteer

    •  We are always looking for help around the library.  Stop in to say hi, introduce yourself to the library and see how you can help.
  • Calculate the Value of the Rock Springs Library to the Community

    We know you value the services and resources provided by your public library, but how much are those services worth? How much would you pay out-of-pocket if the library didn't exist, or if these services and resources weren't available at no cost?

Reflect on your library use over the past month, then plug those numbers into the Library Value Calculator.