2015 Save Our Library Calendar Raffle Winners

Every Monday in the month of November we will be drawing our winners from the Save Our Library calendar raffle.  We would like to thank all of our donors and everyone who bought a ticket.

Week 1 Winners:

11/1- Macky Frank of Stevens Point

11/2- Mike Neerdaels of Milwaukee

11/3- Mary Meister of Reedsburg

11/4- Theresa Kohlmeyer of Reedsburg

11/5- Janine Jensen of Oxford

11/6- Kerri Cleary of Reedsburg

11/7- Clara Ziegler of Sauk City


Week 2 Winners:

11/8- Mary Jo Doepke of Leland

11/9- Charles Gall of Reedsburg

11/10- Kevin Rose of Rock Springs

11/11- Todd & Amy Mandernack of Kenosha

11/12- Clam Family of Rock Springs

11/13- Kim & Chris Ellefson of Rock Springs

11/14- Lily Deering of Rock Springs


Week 3 Winners:

11/15- Bethann Walz of Reedsburg

11/16- Sue Oscar of Reedsburg

11/17- Charlie Clam of Rock Springs

11/18-Amy Cooper of Reedsburg

11/19- Linda Ruhland Stage of Wisconsin Dells

11/20- Kaiser Family of Rock Springs

11/21- Liz Teasdale of Rock Springs


Week 4 Winners:

11/22- Todd & Amy Mandernack of Kenosha

11/23- Alice Bronstad of Brown Deer

11/24- Mark Rooney of Reedsburg

11/25- Randy & Dianne Owen of Reedsburg

11/26- Chris Lawton of Wisconsin Dells

11/27- Yvette Schwaubeck of Oregon

11/28- Nessa Moellers of Cazenovia


Week 5 Winners:

11/29- Brian Livingston of Baraboo

11/30- Joe Jensen of Baraboo

** Bonus prize of a Leopold Bench  - David Baldwin of Baraboo




Thank you to everyone bought a ticket.  We sold over 600 tickets!  We would also like to give a big thank you to all of the local businesses who donated to the cause.  Our fundraising efforts allowed us to stay open for 2015!!  We hope you will continue to visit us and support the Rock Springs Public Library.


Fundraising Campaign Started By Local Teen

Local teen and college attendee Ryann Hartzell has been a lifelong user of the library.  When she heard about the financial trouble the Rock Springs Public Library was having, she took change into her own hands.  Ryann has always had a soft spot in her heart for the library and has been active in the community.  She decided she wanted to be an advocate for the library and starting planning an online funding campaign.

On May 18th Ryann launched a GoFundMe campaign in support of the Rock Springs Public Library.  She created the site and will manage it throughout the funding time frame.  Ryann will be a sophomore at Anderson University next fall but will be in the area throughout the summer. 

“We are so lucky to have a young woman who is invested in her community.  Ryann really sees the importance of the library in her community and wants to see it stay open. We are hoping to see support from the local communities as the campaign continues throughout the summer” said Haley Weisert, Library Director.

To learn more about the fundraiser or to make a donation, visit the following link: GoFundMe Rock Springs Library

For more information about the library or how to make a contribution, contact Haley Weisert at 608-522-5050 or director@rockspringslibrary.com


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